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FRGH8728As a CrossFit trainer I feel responsible for many things, but one of the main ones is growth. And because of the fitness context, people who’s not familiar with what we do at Hurakan might think I’m talking about muscle growth 😉 Thankfully, I know our athletes know different. They know I’m talking about growing as an athlete, and as a person.

And the way I fulfil that responsibility is by pushing you all forward. Each time you see me encouraging you to go the extra mile in the form of a bit more weight on those barbells or kettlebells. Each reminder of going deeper on a squat. Each time I tell you to go faster, to make it more explosive. Each of those times, I’m living to my promise of turning you into the best versions of yourselves ever. And the beauty of it is, you all deliver. You all try harder, and smash each one of those WODs like the forces of nature you all are.

I feel privileged and proud of teaching you guys, and I’m nothing less than happy and eager to go the extra mile along with you all. After all, this is what CrossFit Hurakan is – a bunch of friends pushing beyond our limits together!

Julio Gutierrez