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Julio Gutierrez

Are you looking for fast results when it comes to fitness and weight loss? Of course you are! It’s only natural! If we don’t feel good with ourselves, or being overweight is harming our health, we want to solve it as quick as possible. Is this your case?

If your answer is ‘yes’, the good news is, it’s totally possible to lose 10 percent of your body weight in as little as 6 weeks. For example, a person weighing 80 kilos could lose around 8 kilos. This would involve a comprehensive plan – proper exercise, proper coaching and proper nutrition.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes the right decision when it comes to taking action. We are easily tempted to try things by ourselves or look for the cheapest option out there. Here are some alternatives that look good on paper, but fall short in delivering the results you’re after:

1 – Joining a cheap 24/7 gym

With so many of these gyms popping everywhere, it’s no surprise you might feel like joining them. After all, they only charge $10 or less per week! That’s practically nothing, right? And how convenient it is to be able to go at any time you want!

Why it’s disastrous: These places are no more than big rooms filled with machines everywhere. Once you sign up, you’re on your own. No one is going to check if you’re doing the exercises in the right way. No one’s gonna supervise if you’re using the right amount of weight or not. Best case scenario, this isn’t going to give you the results you want and in the worst, you might end up with an injury. The convenience of going at any time during the day might seem great! But it also means you don’t get the accountability you would if you went to an established class or session. Results will take ages to arrive – if they arrive at all.

2 – Following an exercise plan from a magazine

The displays in bookstores and supermarkets are filled with eye-candy fitness covers! Men with massive biceps! Women with amazing abs! All promise you to get in that very same shape if you buy this month’s issue. And all that just for $20. Sounds great, right

Why it’s disastrous: People that try these workouts usually pair this with a 24/7 gym or with some equipment at home. Again, lack of supervision is the problem. It might put you at risk of injury or training below the required intensity. It’s very unlikely to achieve any real or lasting result this way.

3 – Walking, jogging or running

Walking, jogging and running have always been popular options. After all, going out for a walk or run is free! (Unless you do it at a gym on a treadmill, of course).

Why it’s disastrous: Like any cardio options, you only burn calories while doing it. This means you would have to cover a very long amount of distance at a crazy-fast pace to achieve quick results. And remember – this is no strength training. Sticking only to running as an exercise is very hard on your joints. In time this might result in knee or ankle problems.

4 – Joining a big group exercise class

Some people love a crowd! 40 to 50 persons, all moving to the beat of catchy music following a super sexy instructor on a stage or at a park. Now that’s fun!

Why it’s disastrous: It might sound fun indeed but, sadly, instructors never have enough time for you – they’re just too busy trying for everyone to have a good time! It means you are never coached into doing the movements the proper way. Also, the lack of strength movements makes this more of a cardio effort. This is not as effective and efficient as proper strength and conditioning training.

5 – Crash dieting or shake diets

Seems there’s a new diet out there every week! Why not try one of those and see if we can get into shape in a matter of days? What could go wrong?

Why it’s disastrous: The risks these diets pose to your health are just too big. Malnutrition, hormone imbalances, loss of energy and strength… the list goes on and on. Dieting alone is also not effective for keeping the weight off. A proper nutrition plan should always be paired with the correct training program.

What to do instead?

We said it at the beginning! Enrol in a great fitness plan with proper exercise, proper coaching and proper nutrition. Exercise programs based on high-intensity interval training are key for fast weight loss. These programs must include the use of at least some free weights and also gymnastic work. This triggers a metabolic increase in your body lasting for an average of 36 hours, which means you burn more calories while resting. You will look and feel fitter, stronger and healthier in no time. The results are also much more long lasting this way!

If you prefer group exercise, sign up for small group training, led by specialised coaches. The small amount of participants makes it easier for instructors to keep a close eye on everyone. It also guarantees you are training in the safest, most efficient and effective way. This will keep you free from injuries, and will ensure the results you want so much arrive as soon as possible.

Now, you know what to do – avoid those five options at all costs! Find a small group HIIT class now!

Julio Gutierrez is the founder and Head Coach of Hurricane Fitness. His love for the deadlift is almost as big as his love of pop culture.

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