We all know that exercise can help you to lose weight, build muscle, and also get you stronger, leaner and toned. But did you know that exercise can also clear your head or prevent osteoporosis?

Adding consistent workouts into your daily routine can radically change your life. Here are some of the incredible, life-changing benefits you’ll get from your next CrossFit class.

1. Sharp brain and memory Exercise stimulates neural and mental development, even in aging brains. After learning a new skill you will find better and sharper motor skills, and more importantly your brain is making new cells and therefore improving itself, as training your body you are also training your mind.

2. Better mood The endorphins released from exercise will give you a buzz of energy and a healthy mood-boost. You’ll be feeling all the happy feels in no time. If you’re struggling with insomnia and restlessness, exercise could be the cure.

3. Stronger heart Of all the benefits of a fitness workout, your heart will reap them specially. You’ll have a lowered cholesterol, healthier blood pressure, better blood flow therefore healthier cells. You’ll also be better able to flush toxins out of the body thanks to increased circulation.

4. Boost your system Exercise improves immune function and by exercising consistently, you’ll maintain solid bone density, which can prevent osteoporosis.

The fountain of youth? It’s exercise, of course!

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Marlin Paz has been doing CrossFit for two years now. She loves dancing, and enjoys cooking healthy food as much as eating it!

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