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In 2019 one of the biggest trends out there is giving carbohydrates a bad rep. Paleo and keto eating styles are becoming more and more popular. This makes people ask themselves if carbs are the enemy indeed.

Truth to be told, carbs are not necessarily bad. In fact if you choose whole variations most of the time you actually have an ally on them. Both performance and recovery can be greatly improved if you feed your body with the right type – and amount – of carbs. After all, they provide us with energy!

Here are my favourite choices when it comes to carbs:

  • Oats. One of the most perfects foods in nature. Filling and nurturing, yet providing us with a steady source of energy.
  • Apples. Sweetness and fibre in the best packet ever! My fav tip: slice an apple and top each slice with a thin layer of almond butter. Yum!
  • Berries. Theres a reason wild animals like bears and birds feast on these – they’re delicious and have lots of nutrients.
  • Sweet potato. As versatile as white potatoes, only with more slow-release energy. Try them either mashed or as baked chips. You‘ll love them!

As you can see, some carbs can be our friends too. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones and eating in moderation. How cool is that?

Julio Gutierrez is the founder and Head Coach of Hurricane Fitness. His love for the deadlift is almost as big as his love of pop culture.