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Trust your partner!


7min EMOM
Unbroken Combo Scaled or Combo RX or Combo Elite

Combo Scaled
1 knee raise
1 knees-to-elbows
1 toes-to-bar

Combo RX
1 straight leg raise
1 toes-to-bar
1 chest-to-bar pull-up

Combo Elite
3 high bar kips
1 pull-up
1 bar muscle-ups


6 minutes to work on:
Max weighted pistol squats x 2 (RX)
or banded pistol squats x 2 (Scaled)

with rings push ups x 4


Partner WOD: Masters League NSW Throwdown WOD 3
8 minutes AMRAP (Partner A then partner B)
10 wall balls 9kg/7kg
10 toes-to-bars


5 minutes to find
Hang snatch 4RM (unbroken)