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Antonella: "The experience has been absolutely fantastic"

“I’ve been training with Hurricane Fitness for 2 years now – the experience has been absolutely fantastic. Our coach Julio is such a professional who takes the time and has the patience to train everyone to ensure that we all master technique to perfection.

Julio, you have made me push myself, and made me believe that l can do it. I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. The people who I train with are awesome, friendly and enthusiastic. Every session is different, challenging, and fun.

If you are thinking about start working out, join us! You won’t be disappointed. Here people discover how strong, how powerful they actually are. Here, l can do it. I DID it!”

Jasleen: "This is was what I was looking for and absolutely love it now"

“I have been training with Hurricane Fitness for 11 months, as I was tired of not losing weight even after doing 5 days a week of regular gym. I was looking for some sort of exercises other than usual cardio or fitness group classes.

After doing my first  class and first workout with Julio I realized this what I was looking for and absolutely love it now. The challenging workouts keep me motivated to go 4-5 days a week.

I have toned myself and feel so great about it. At Hurricane Fitness Julio has created an amazing home for fitness, fun and friends! He’s encouraging, energetic and extreme in all the right ways. Julio you are actually building better humans!

So what if you aren’t the fastest or lift the heaviest, come, get fit and have fun!”




Kim: "It's like having a personal trainer"

“I wanted to get back in shape, feel strong and healthy again after 7 months of no workout at all. I searched online and found Hurricane Fitness. The free consultation sealed the deal for me.

Julio is an excellent coach – it’s like having a personal trainer and he always makes every workout exciting. Working out with the people in the gym is also a bonus, it’s more of a community rather than just a normal gym.

Every day is different and that’s what pushes me to show up everyday. Just an hour workout but it’s a total body workout already. After months of working out I feel different already, my legs and core became stronger.

I definitely recommend Hurricane Fitness to everyone because it just never gets boring!”.


Lynne: "The main benefit of training with Hurricane Fitness is that I want to go back each week"

“It’s very difficult when you know you should be exercising in some form or another but you use every excuse in the book as to ‘why you can’t start’. It’s even harder when you add age and your size and weight Into the mix. I came to the understanding at the age of 54 that if I didn’t workout, I would have serious health problems in the future. Also, I was starting to feel the effort it took to get up from a chair: What the hell I was getting old! With this in mind I understood at my age of the importance of core strength and that weight bearing exercise was good for bone strength as well as fitness.

“The choice of Hurricane Fitness group came from a group of work colleagues talking about the type of exercise program they were doing that let people of all ages participate. A group workout that had coaches to help you along the way and Hurricane Fitness was also located in the suburb where we worked. Photos on to the website showed me women that were young and old and of all sizes and shapes and I thought: ‘I have to start somewhere and IF they could do it so could I’.

“We went along to our first session. I settled into starting with a very basic movements with very little weight involved. Having never lifted a weight or had any idea how to squat, it took quite a bit of brain re-training as well as effort. Now two years later these movements that we use in everyday life, have become much easier and I can squat to pick up Items and lift weight without injury or even thinking about it.

“My progress has been slow and steady but definitely can see my flexibility and core strength has improved. The coach Julio always provides various stages of the exercise, so you never get left out and it’s great motivation to improve each step of the way. Julio encourages all to have a go at exercise and is as excited as you are when the next progression is achieved.

“The main benefit of training with Hurricane Fitness is that I want to go back each week. Not once have I felt I don’t belong and the atmosphere is always friendly and encouraging. The coach is always supportive making sure it’s safety first and improvement next”.

Marlin: "Fitness made me a morning person!"

Let me start by saying I LOVE TO WORK OUT – yes, in capitals. But that it wasn’t always the case. I’m not going to lie and say that it isn’t a bit intimidating right from the start. I grew up in a country famous for producing beauty pageants and from a very young age you are brainwashed to that sort of beauty standards. It is very common to feel that you would never fit in, just because your body is not up to those standards – and there you have a recipe for disaster: Being forever afraid to even try it!

I’m a dancer and exercising gave me stronger legs that allowed me to develop sharper turns and better foot work. It gave me stronger arms so I can hold and twirl my costume easily. It gave me the power to challenge myself everyday and improve my weights. It even made me a morning person where the single idea to get up before 7 AM would terrified me, let alone train at 6 AM! Hurricane’s coach kick my butt everyday but I would always look forward to rock back to training the next day.

Even though coach Julio is my husband, I love that I don’t have any sort of advantage on trainings. He makes me work as hard as any other member (sometimes even harder). I love that he would accept me in any shape or form and that he is not bothered or intimidated that I’ll become stronger (hopefully someday stronger than him) and that my body will adapt to that. He is my inspiration and daily challenge. Did I say I love him too? – FIVE MORE KILOS!

Caroline: "The community is the best, a great bunch of people"

“I was struggling with my weight and stamina. I Googled ‘most awesome gym around’ and Hurricane Fitness popped up!

Julio is an amazing coach – he encourages and pushes me! The community is the best, a great bunch of people.

The training has greatly benefitted my stamina on the footy field!”