Frequently asked questions

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How is CrossFit different from what I do at a cheap regular gym?

While regular gyms offer you a space filled with heaps of machines, they don’t normally offer you world-class professional coaching unless you pay separate fees for personal training, so you’re pretty much on your own, guessing what to do with all that equipment to get the results you want.

A CrossFit session is a small group training class, guided and supervised at all times by a coach, which follows a carefully designed strength and conditioning program around functional exercises, aligned with the CrossFit methodology to systematically bring you all the true fitness you can potentially develop.

Do I require to be super fit already to start CrossFit?

No, you don’t, and that’s the beauty of it! Starting is easy for people of all levels and any age, because every single exercise, movement and workout can be scaled to your current levels and particular needs. You don’t need to get fit to do CrossFit, you need to do CrossFit to get fit!

Participants in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Open worldwide

Is it just for men?

Absolutely not! It is estimated that more than 10 million people do CrossFit across the globe, and around 60 percent of those are women. So more girls than dudes are doing it!

Does CrossFit make girls big or bulky?

Doing CrossFit three to five times a week every week is good enough to make women fitter and stronger without getting too muscular. It is true that social media is full of images and videos of CrossFit girls with impressive physiques and bigger-than-average muscles, but most of those girls train with much more intensity than three to five times a week with competition in mind, not to mention their diets. Elite CrossFit competitions are more popular than ever and these athletes are more focused on their performance than on their appearance.

Don’t misunderstand us, though. We still like them! But don’t worry, you would have to follow a much more intense and rigorous program (and lifestyle) to ever look like that.

So what’s a CrossFit session like?

A typical one-hour session is divided into strength and conditioning activities. After warmup, the first half is normally devoted to improve your strength levels by lifting heavy, or working on a specific skill with the goal of mastering it.

The second half of the session is dedicated to complete the Workout of the Day, or WOD, which consists of a high intensity exercise combination, either for time or until completing a certain amount of rounds or reps.

During the whole session the coaches work close to the athletes, making sure everybody does the movements in a safe and controlled way. It’s pretty much group training with the benefits of personal coaching.

At the end of the session your day records are written on our whiteboard, for the world to see! Train constantly and you’ll see improvements on those numbers!

Isn’t CrossFit, like, terribly expensive?

In most cases, CrossFit actually gives you the best return value for your money. Franchised outdoor bootcamps like Step Into Life can charge you a one-time inscription fee and $162 a month for two days a week, and also will lock you into a three-month contract. 1-to-1 Personal Training services are offered across town at an average of $50 for a session between 45 and 60 minutes, which would set you $150 back each week if you chose to train three weekly sessions.

At CrossFit Hurakan, we offer you unlimited sessions starting at less than $9* a day. It’s small-group training, so you get a lot more attention from the coaches in terms of technique and safety. Ours is an indoors gym, so you don’t have to care about today’s weather in most workouts. And you get valuable knowledge about powerlifting and gymnastics, the core of our methodology.

Oh, and we don’t charge any inscription fees. Value at its best, as you can see.

* Per-person daily cost on a monthly membership.

Isn’t CrossFit similar to what you would do either in a bootcamp or group boxing class?

Both bootcamps and group boxing classes have a completely different approach to fitness than CrossFit. Their main goal is to provide you with an aerobic experience of non-stop activity from the beginning of the session to the end. All the fat-burning happens during the class, and once you have finished it almost stops. Light free weights are sometimes used during the sessions, but usually those are neither heavy nor intense enough to stimulate a sustained strength development. While these are valid training methods, efficiency and effectiveness are key to fast and lasting results.

CrossFit’s approach is quite the opposite. What we do is make an emphasis in the body’s anaerobic energy system by relying on heavier weights and higher intensity. That’s the reason we divide the sessions in strength and conditioning sections. The outcome is a better metabolic response that lasts a maximum of 48 hours after you have finished your workout, which means you keep burning fat and building muscle long after you have left the gym. This is part of what makes our methodology both effective and efficient.

Am I supposed to follow a strict Paleo or Zone diet?

Nutrition is an important part of what makes you good at anything in life and CrossFit is no exception. The Paleo diet is closely associated with it because many crossfitters around the world have found good results in both WOD performance and body composition. CrossFit Inc itself endorses the Zone diet because it gives a measurable way to people for eating all available macronutrients in a balanced way.

So, which one is correct? At CrossFit Hurakan we advise you to follow any eating plan that can help you get the results you want in an efficient and safe way. Consider your goals, and have the food you need to reach them.