Short answer, yes! I’m pretty sure that by now you must have heard of CrossFit – a lot. And you probably have even seen any of those super athletes videos that inundate the internet. And I also bet that you were left wondering if it is for you, if you are fit enough or if you ever will achieve any of that.

Let me tell you this once, EVERYONE – yes, in caps – can do CrossFit. Here I’ll give you five reasons why you should book your FREE trial ASAP:

1. You’ll never repeat a workout. Not even on the same week or month. CrossFit motto is ‘constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity’ and this is applied very well. There is not such ‘leg day’ but there is ‘gonna kick you in the butt’ kind of day. CrossFit WODs* are fun and are made to be efficient (just an hour a day is enough) and effective. You’ll see transformation on your body in a very short time (as long as you keep your nutrition on sight).

2. Everything is scalable. You are not expected to lift 100kg as you enter by the door. Instead you’ll develop all those muscles that have been hiding for ages at your own pace and rhythm. Pay attention to what your body says as well, and it will respond to the training accordingly. It will reshape your body like a beautiful butterfly when it leaves the cocoon.

3. You are stronger than you think. You’ll find that your own limits are just in your mind and not in your body. You are capable of lift a bunch of groceries at once just to avoid going to the car a second time, right?. Then you probably are able to handle much more that you can imagine, and I’m sure you’ll realise that on your first deadlift attempt.

4. Dedicated training coach. Classes are small in numbers which allows your coach to never lose sight on you. Yes, there’s no place to hide. Every coach is trained and ready to help and support you every step of the way. They’ll be perceived as villains on the warm ups and vigilantes of your form and posture to avoid any injury, but at the end of the day you’ll be thankful of their passion for you to succeed.

5. Friendly and supportive community. You are not alone! Instead you’ll be part of a bunch of people ready to encourage, support and challenge you. You’ll friendships under a social environment filled with sweat and kilos. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts, and I’ll assure you’ll be coming back for seconds.

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Marlin Paz has been doing CrossFit for two years now. She loves dancing, and enjoys cooking healthy food as much as eating it!

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