When most people face the question of what’s stopping them from exercising, being always busy is one of the top-cited reasons. In times when we’re being increasingly deprived of free time, it’s more important than ever to do something to avoid the horrific effects a sedentary lifestyle can have in our health, including the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

If you have no idea of how to find any extra time to do some exercise, here are three life hacks you can use to get the movement your body desperately needs.

  1. Ditch the car. We all love the convenience cars bring to our lives, but rarely ask ourselves if we really need to drive for a particular trip, and jump in front of the steering wheel without thinking too much about it, even for very short distances. If we can afford the time, and the destination is close enough, we can definitely walk. A lot of people have also found bike commuting is a great way of squeezing some extra exercise into the schedule without modifying it too much. Recent data shows more than half a million cars have entered Melbourne’s roads in the last few years, so why spend all that time stuck in traffic instead? Grab your helmet and push those pedals!
  2. Play with your kids. This is not only a great way of doing some exercise yourself – but it will also build in your children the habit of moving, something really important in an age everyone seems to be glued to screens of all sizes. Bonus points if you can practice a specific sport together! The health benefits and the bond between parents and their kids will be priceless.
  3. Become an early morning person. Suggesting this to some people who really enjoy sleeping might be the equivalent of an insult, I know, but when you consider the benefits you will get from exercising early in the morning, you may want to give it a second thought. Best of all, once you finish your early morning workout you don’t have to think about it anymore for the rest of your day! Doing a high-intensity interval workout class before work is an excellent way of accomplishing this.

Try one or all of these tips, and you’ll discover keeping yourself in movement is a lot easier than you first thought!

Julio Gutierrez is the founder and head coach at Hurricane Fitness. He likes Pop Culture almost as much as he loves the deadlift.

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