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We are a local community focused on improving our physical health, our strength and our conditioning. We are common people of all ages and levels doing extraordinary things. We are getting fit for life.

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We have been ranked among the top 10 Most Popular Health and Fitness Services in North East Melbourne in 2017!

Because true fitness is about much more than weight loss, or being “skinny”, or “ripped”. True fitness is also about having the physical capacity to face the challenges of daily life, no matter how small or mundane they seem. True fitness is about regaining the quality of life and confidence that comes with being physically functional, energetic, healthy and independent. In CrossFit, this is our goal – to become the best versions of ourselves we can be (and have a lot of fun while at it ?).


[noun – Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity]


CrossFit workouts are different every single day! You never get bored of the same old routine, and your body keeps changing and adapting to new challenges.

Functional movements

The gymnastic and free weight exercises we perform are functional, meaning they’re aimed at making us fitter and stronger in everyday life’s common physical activities.

High intensity

Workouts are performed at high levels of intensity for optimal body fat burn and increases in strength and conditioning. All workouts are scalable, so people of different fitness levels can enjoy them all the same.
Our group classes are small, so members can receive the full attention of their coach. In our gym, people are encouraged to grow not only their strength and conditioning, but their confidence. CrossFit Hurakan is a safe space for all to improve their lives in a friendly and supportive environment.
hurakan [/ˈhʊrəkən, ˈhʊrəˌkɑːn/; Spanish: Huracán; Mayan: Hunraqan, “one legged”] Often referred to as U K’ux Kaj, the “Heart of Sky”, Hurakan is a K’iche’ Maya god of wind, storm, fire and one of the creator deities who participated in all three attempts at creating humanity, according to Mayan mythology. Basically a Latin American Thor, he embodies the fury of the elements and the desire of humans to exist as the best versions of themselves, Pretty cool, huh?

What are our members saying?

“You have made me push myself and made me believe that l can do it. I feel fitter and stronger than ever before! The people who train are awesome, friendly and enthusiastic. Every session is different, challenging, and fun!”. Antonella

“After doing my first fundamental class and first WOD with Julio I realized this what I was looking for, and absolutely love it now! The challenging WODs keep me motivated to go 4-5 days a week” Jasleen

“Julio is an excellent Coach – it’s like having a personal trainer and he always makes every WOD exciting. Working out with the people in the box is also a bonus, it’s more of a community rather than just a normal gym”. Kim

“CrossFit gave me the power to challenge myself everyday and improve my weights. CrossFit made me a morning person where the single idea to get up before 7 AM would terrified me, let alone train at 6 AM!” Marlin

Julio Gutierrez

Julio Gutierrez

Coach and Owner - CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Certificates III and IV in Personal Training, Group Training Certificate Level 1, PunchFit Certified Instructor, First Aid Level 2, SDA Nutrition for Exercise and Sports certification

“I discovered it’s very hard to get fit without a consistent program. And that was what I found later in CrossFit. After a few months on it, both my health and fitness improved at a pace I didn’t think it was possible. I was able to lose 46 Kg in a record time! The results inspired me to make a big career change, one where I would be able to help others to become better versions of themselves, regain control of their own bodies, and live a healthier lifestyle.I’ve walked the path. I know how hard it can be, and I’m here to tell you: It’s possible, achievable, and you can do it too”. Read the full coach’s story here

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